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With the RAF Program you can make money by simply calling or e-mailing a friend. For every person that does a transaction with us and mentions your name, you get an additional 10% up to $10 the next time you sell or pawn anything!* There is no limit to how many people you can refer!

We provide the most enjoyable and professional loan atmosphere, so we know your friends will love it too!

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* Terms and conditions:

All referred friends need to be first time customers to We Pay More Pawn. Referrals are only redeemable at the time of the referrer's next loan or sale. If extra money is taken on a loan it must be paid back with the remainder of the loan. Clients selling or pawning items get the extra percentage added onto whatever the agreed upon amount is. Referrers get a 10% addition PER referral and referrals are cumulative. The more people you refer the higher your percentage is (2 referrals= 20%, 3 referrals=30%, etc...). There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. The each 10% referral is capped at $10 and is based on a $100 transaction. If a smaller dollar amount transaction occurs then the dollar amount will be less but the percentage remains constant.

Simply write your first and last name on the back of a WPMP card and when your friend comes in showing it, we credit your account immediately.